is a large international corporation located in Germany, Lubeck. It produces a wide range of reagent kits for medical laboratory diagnostics with the main focus on the test systems for antibodies in patients' serum. These allow for highly sensitive and specific diagnosis of autoimmune diseases, infectious diseases and allergies.

Test methods are predominantly indirect immunofluorescence, microplate ELISA, various blot techniques and all molecular biology techniques. Blood serum and plasma, cerebrospinal fluid, and saliva serve as substrates for analyses.  


EUROIMMUN also offers a comprehensive range of automation solutions as well as software for this innovative equipment. It results in significant test precision increase.

EUROIMMUN product portfolio today consists of more than a thousand reagents sold in over 100 countries worldwide: Canada, the USA, China, Great Britain, Italy, Switzerland, Poland, Singapore, South-African Republic, Turkey etc.  

With innovative and patented production methods, EUROIMMUN is one of the world's leading manufacturers of medical laboratory diagnostics.

is a leading producer and distributor of the ready-to-use and dehydrated culture media for microbiology and molecular biology (over 460 units) in Poland. The ready-to-use Biocorp media are available in bottles, petri dishes and tubes. Their use results in research simplification as well as in saving time and resources when serving significant number of patients. High test precision is guaranteed.  A wide range of dehydrated long-term storage media, supplements extend standard media facilities allowing for individual preparation and compounding.  

Production is based on state-of-the art high-capacity production lines. Biocorp holds the ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 13485 Quality Management System certificates. All products possess the CE certificate that proves their compliance with all European Union norms. 


Biocorp ready-to-use culture media are manufactured under strict quality assurance procedures (ISO 9001: 2000):

- compliance with all current standards;

- performance at least equivalent to or higher than expected specifications;

- validation and testing in their applications (detection, enumeration);

- specific design is made to withstand adverse storage and transport conditions;

- testing at each stage of the production process.