About company

Tinyteria distributing company specializes in supplying reagent kits and state-of-the-art equipment for laboratory diagnostics. Complex cargo escorting and transferring the goods to our clients - clinical diagnostic, bacteriological, immunobiological, industrial, sanitary-epidemiological, pharmaceutical, veterinary and other laboratories - as well as guarantee and post-guarantee maintenance service contribute a lot to the company’s offer. Company warehouse allows for goods warehousing too.


Tinyteria represents in Ukraine the products of well-known European producers:

Euroimmun (Germany), Biocorp (Poland) etc.



Irrespective of being young (the company was founded in 2011), Tinyteria has already won the reputation of a reliable supplier and partner. We are striving for meeting the needs of our customers - clinical diagnostic, veterinary, microbiological, industrial, sanitary-epidemiological laboratories - to the fullest extent. As a result we have won the trust of the following clients: “Synevo” medical diagnostic laboratory network, laboratory medicine centre “Bio-Line”, "Okhmatdet" national children's hospital, private clinical diagnostic “DNA-laboratory”,  “Sinbias Pharma” scientific and production firm, "APK-Invest" PJSC, Myronivs'kyi khliboprodukt PAT, Medical laboratory "DILA".

Having goods shipped with Tinyteria you are sure to get compliance with all standards and requirements applicable to shipping, in particular temperature regime, logistic support and timely supplies.


Tinyteria strengths:

1. Established logistics scheme: supply chain and long-term agreements with the supplier;

2. Its own warehouse: store with ambient storage conditions (300 sqm) and 3 cold stores (15 sqm each);

3. Certified service enginneers in staff; they are here to provide any kind of technical support and help you choose the most appropriate for your laboratory reagents and equipment. 

These help meet the needs of our customers and serves as the evidence of long-term plans of Tinyteria company.

Benefits for clients of Tinyteria:

1. Flexible supplies and price policy;

2. Storing opportunities complying with all the norms and standards, in particular temperature regimes, delivery guarantees;

3. Consulting, information and technical support (installation, chief montage works, equipment maintenance etc.).


Our maintenance and marketing support are always of your service.